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Sant Joan Festival in Ciudadella

The festival of Sant Joan in Menorca Ciudadellade Menorca is celebrated from the 18th to the 25th of June. On 18 June we commemorate the day “Vetlla des Be” or “d’es be”, the vigil fesrers and bonfires of Sant Joan in different points of Ciudadella and eve and feast of Sant Joan on 23 and 24 June. Is a feast that has its origin in Ciutadella in the XIV century, when it was created an Obrería to be in charge of the administration of the rural church of Sant Joan d’Artrutx.The Obrería included representatives of different social characters, the so-called caixers, Who had to travel on horseback to the church, especially during the Vigil of Sant Joan, when a memorial service was held.

This feast lasts three days: the day of the be-Cordero (the Sunday before 23-24 June), the vigil and the day of San Juan.

The vigil is the beginning of the feasts of Sant Joan. On the night of Thursday, June 22, the streets of Ciudadella are animated with fireplaces and music.


Foto fogones Sant Joan Ciudadella Menorca
Fogones Sant Joan Ciudadella Menorca. Foto @hotelsesparteriamenorca


Los caballos son la principal atracción y los protagonistas de la Fiesta de Sant Joan


Foto @hotelsesparteriamenorca

Los caballos pasan por la puerta de nuestro hotel. Foto @hotelsesparteriamenorca



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