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Enjoy the best beaches in Menorca

Did you know that Menorca has more than 170 beaches? If you are going to plan a trip you should know that there are beaches and coves virgins and difficult to reach on foot and others are urban beaches easily accessible. You can easily distinguish the beaches of the north coast and those of the south coast. The southern beaches have finer sand, crystal clear water and more vegetation than the northern ones. The beaches of the North are characterized by being less crowded, supercristaline and accessible on foot.

Another factor to keep in mind: when the South wind blows, the North zone tends to be calmer, and it happens when the North wind blows.

Some of our favorite and most recommended is the famous Cala Macarelleta, more isolated than the rest of coves as it is accessed on foot from Cala Macarella. It is one of the most beautiful coves in Menorca

Cala Macarelleta

The walk to Cala Macarelleta is worth the effort if we find this paradise. It is one of the most coveted by its crystalline waters and its vegetation. Cala Macarelleta is Macarella’s younger sister. Located in the same bay and with the same transparent water, you can access both on foot

Another option of access to the Cove is Taximar, this beach is not on the main route so we recommend you consult before booking.

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