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medias prevención COVID Hotel s'Esparteria

We are a family business committed to all our clients, employees and collaborators. In order to maintain this commitment and your peace of mind, we want to share with you some of the measures we have taken following the recommendations of health experts, health authorities and the World Health Organization.

We have a COVID 19 Prevention Plan. We hope that you will soon stay at our hotel, and when you do, we want you to feel as safe as at home, offering an environment adapted to current needs and consistent with our identity.

We guarantee medical and health safety as much as possible in all of our establishments. Contact us:

Phone number +34 971 480 924
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We are in an old espartería in Ciutadella, Menorca, on Calle San Juan Bosco, nº 20.


Given the exceptional situation that we are experiencing caused by Covid-19 throughout the world, at Hotel S’Esparteria we have prepared a plan to guarantee the maximum possible medical and health safety in our establishment.


  • We take the temperature at the time of check-in. A mask is used in all common areas of the hotel.
  • We have a sanitary mat with disinfectant enabled for footwear in every entrance from the outside.
  • We have a 70% gel alcohol dispenser at the entrance, lobby, reception, available to customers.
  • The 2 meter social distancing is respected at all times.
  • Objects that customers can touch such as magazines or pencils are not shared.
  • We offer individual kits with masks, gel alcohol in a small bottle.
  • At the reception desk you have separator tapes and the staff attends through an acrylic screen.
  • We permanently carry out cleaning and disinfection at the contact points shared by users.
  • We disinfect surfaces at all times.
  • Public restrooms are cleaned at least once an hour.
  • The spaces are always properly ventilated.
  • We offer individual kits with masks, gel alcohol in a small bottle.
  • We disinfect the room cards, pencils, telephones, etc. after each use.
  • It is checked that all guests have not had contact with COVID19, in the last 30 days, and have no symptoms.



The staff is trained to act in case of having a guest with Covid-19 or a client who must quarantine.

The telephones of the health and emergency centers are always available.

The protocol is available to all employees and in the Hotel it is marked with all the information.

NOTE: Some measures that are listed here were already being carried out on a regular basis in our hotels and we have not stopped mentioning them because they are obvious. This plan is a constantly evolving document that will be updated.